Kettle Moraine Curling Club was incorporated in November 1962 by a group of individuals most of whom where members of Milwaukee, Wauwatosa and Waukesha Curling Clubs. They were looking for a site to build a new club in the Lake Country Area. The existing site was purchased from Mammouth Springs Canning Company. There were seven founders. One of the founder’s mother purchased the mortgage on the property and a conditional use permit to operate a curling club was issued by the City of Delafield on September 27, 1963. The name of the club was derived from the glacier formed Kettle Moraine area where it is located.

The first board was elected and they, along with several friends including a number of curlers from Milwaukee, Wauwatosa and Chicago Curling Clubs, bought unsecured construction notes. Remodeling and construction to turn the building, originally a horse barn, into a curling club began in October of 1963. The first ice was made the week of March 6, 1964 and stones for two of the sheets of ice were borrowed from Lake-Shore of Madison (these stones came from their collection of old stones and were various sizes and shapes). Stones for two additional sheets of ice were donated by two of the KMCC’s members.

On March 15th, the first full day of curling was held. The participants were owners and potential buyers of unsecured construction notes who were provided with a wild game dinner sponsored by four of the members. Donations were received after the dinner for the curling stone fund.

Used stones from Wauwatosa Curling Club were purchased in the fall for three sheets of ice to replace the Lake-Shore relics and to supply the stones for the fifth sheet. Curling leagues started in the fall of 1964 with the first Mixed Bonspiel being hosted in February 1965 and the first Men’s Bonspiel held in March of 1966. Each year thereafter the members did many improvements to the facility. The biggest improvement being the concrete floor in the ice house in 1971.


Kettle Moraine Curling Club is a vibrant organization with over 200 regular and 25 social members from 16 to 86 years old. Curling as a sport provides a wonderful mix of competitiveness and opportunities to socialize. As KMCC celebrates our 50th anniversary of curling, we look back with respect to all the members who have contributed long hours of work and support while we look ahead to an exciting future. The club attracted the largest group of new curlers into the club in fall 2010 in many years. These new curlers have help provide energy and excitement to everything we do. We have curling all seven days of the week including juniors, high school and college programs, eight different weekly leagues and five major annual bonspiels.

The junior program allows children to experience the joy of curling at very minimal costs. Many of these junior curlers have developed into competitive curlers.

All club members can join leagues including two different men's, women's and open leagues, a mixed league and a mixed doubles league. While all these leagues are competitive, most are open to all club members. Many members participate in multiple leagues each week.

Curling is a 500-year old sport built on sportsmanship that has always recognized the importance of building social relationships. Every league game is followed by opportunities to socialize with your teammates and opponents in the newly expanded clubhouse. The clubhouse includes wooden lockers for all members and an updated kitchen.

Five sheets of curling are available in the icehouse which has new lighting, ceiling, insulation and dehumidification. This has allowed us to make some of the best ice in the state.

Come join us and try this unique, challenging, rewarding and fun sport

Craig Heinze - President
Barbara Rampolla- Vice President
Tess Munich- Secretary
Pat Zawada- Treasurer
3RD Year 2ND Year 1ST Year
Ken Van Till
Mike Schuder
Tess Munich
Neil Feil
Barbara Rampolla
Pat Zawada
Jackie Stetina (2 Yr Term)

Tom Godar
Pat O'Driscoll
Craig Heinze

Contact all of the above - Board

Dave Lewis, Neil Feil State Representative

Kathy Hyslop USWCA Representative

Badger Women's Curling Association (BWCA)
Carol Stevenson Badger Representative

Badger Woman's Curling Association (BWCA)
U.S. Curling Association (USCA)
U.S. Woman's Curling Association (USWCA)
Wisconsin State Curling Association (WSCA)


The Kettle Moraine Curling Club Memorial Fund is a trust fund
established to handle gifts and memorial donations given to the
Kettle Moraine Curling Club. The Fund collects these gifts,
maintains, and disburses them. All gifts and donations must be in the
form of money or negotiable securities. The fund is administered by
three trustees appointed by the President. These funds cannot be
used for ordinary operating expenses. The fund may only be used for
capital projects (improvement or purchases) of the club and these
projects must be approved by a majority of the trustees as well as the
Board of Directors.

If you are interested in making a donation to the KMCC Memorial
Fund, feel free to contact Memorial Fund for more information.

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KMCC has a wide variety of equipment for sale at the club. If it is a new broom, broom head, slider, gripper, shoes, gloves, jacket or pins, we have them.

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